Sunday, December 2, 2007

Mirror Box Therapy - Part V

or: Resources

I love the Internet - plain and simple.
All my life I knew there was something missing - till broadband came along and changed everything. ;-)

This collection of links is an ongoing project - feel free to suggest additional links, blogs, websites, ... in the comments or by email to matthias.weinberger(at)

Medical Databases and Search Engines:
- PubMed
- HubMed - a much better interface than PubMed
- Google Scholar

Recommended Journals:
- Pain
- Neuroscience Letters
- Experimental Brain Research
- Neurology
- Brain
- Journal of Applied Physiology
- Journal of Neurophysiology

- YouTube
- SciVee

- Ramachandran
- Herta Flor
- Lorimer Moseley
- Candy McCabe


- Diane Jacobs
- Neurotonics
- Howtocopewithpain - including a monthly pain blog carnival
- Psychology of Pain
- David Butler's blogs: one, two, three
- Michael Merzenich
- Deric Bownds`MindBlog
- BPS Research Digest
- MindHacks
- Mixing Memory
- The Frontal Cortex
- Healthskills
- Jeisea

- V.S. Ramachandran "Phantoms in the Brain"
- Sandra Blakeslee "The Body has a mind of it's own"
- Herta Flor "Psychobiologie des Schmerzes"
- David Butler, Lorimer Moseley "Explain Pain"
- Patrick Wall, Ronald Melzack "Textbook of Pain", "Pain"
- Alain Berthoz "The Brains Sense of Movement"
- Michael Gazzaniga "The Mind's Past"
- Jeffrey Schwartz "The Mind and the Brain"

- NOI - the forum closed some time ago - but the archive is still there
- SomaSimple

- Brain Science Podcast
- All in the Mind
- TED Talks

I thought about including a section about the most important scientific papers - but there simply are too many out there.
For those who want to dig into this stuff: start here.


jeisea said...

Hi Matthias
If you decide to put links from a patient's point of feel free to put my link. My blog is about what works for me. It is not advice.


Matthias Weinberger said...

Oops - forgot yours!
But: there is still one posting missing from this series - and that's mostly about what you taught me!